Noah Cook will be a senior at my local high school on September 8th - but only if we can raise enough funds for his wheelchair. September 8th is coming very close, which is why I want to post this on my site;
$1 from my readers will help!
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He was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, or brittle-bone disease, which left him small in stature but big in heart. He and his family were on their way to dinner when a driver sped through a stop sign and crashed into Noah's handicapped-accessible van, causing it to flip three times before coming to a rest on it's side. Here is the account according to his sister:

"On Thursday July 16, 2009 around 5:40pm my Mom, Noah and I were leaving the house for dinner and got a mile and a half down the road when a Blazer raced through a stop sign at Trento and Cornucopia and hit our van on the driver’s side near the back tire. We flipped two or three times and skid until we hit a telephone pole, where we landed on the driver’s side of the van. My mom and I immediately unbuckled to get to Noah. My mom climbed to the back of the van and tried kicking out the windows or door because all other doors were so badly damaged they were sealed. I went to Noah's side while she yelled for help. Noah was thrown from his wheelchair and ended up lying under his 300-pound wheelchair, which was dangling by the safety straps about a foot above his body. My mom and I could not pick him up because he was literally sandwiched. Each time we tired to move him closer to the door we knew he was in severe pain. We remember him telling us "It's okay, I think I'm going to need some medicine." There was a pool of blood around his head so we did not know what to expect besides we knew he had broken many bones. A guy, we now refer to as “our angel” ran to help us almost immediately and we asked him to hold the wheelchair up just in case it fell. He was very calming and helpful. We do not know exactly who this "angel", as we call him is yet. He held Noah's bloody head in one hand while the other was holding up the wheelchair. He was amazing. Eventually Noah was moved out when my Father climbed into the van where Noah was propped on my mom's legs and laid him on the back door of the van. It turns out the guy who hit us fled the scene on foot as all of this chaos took place...supposedly his blue/green Blazer was unregistered/uninsured, and has Texas plates. This was literally a HIT and RUN. The police found empty beer cans all over inside his vehicle and a 12 pack of unopened ones. We are guessing he was drunk when he hit us and ran into a field. From the recent newspaper article is sounds like police have a suspect."

The police did find the driver, and he is in jail now. Here are reference articles from the news, and the Noah Cook's website and facebook support group: